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Welcome to the #histedchat site. Histedchat is a tag used on Twitter with which history teachers can connect, share resources and exchange ideas. The synchronous chat itself runs once every two weeks at 8:30PM Australian Eastern Standard Time = 9:30am UTC.

Anyone can join in the fortnightly chat or you can use the #histedchat tag any time to share history teaching resources.

Similarly, anyone can volunteer to moderate the synchronous chat. Simply propose a topic and everyone will help advertise. It is a community-run chat; we welcome any teacher, and particularly history teachers. The #histedchat is international, supportive, collaborative and welcoming; please join us!

Here is a Twitter list of past and present #Histedchat participants:

Below is our live feed. You can use the #histedchat tag any time to share History teaching resources and ideas.

Apart from Twitter, there are other ways to engage with the History teaching community: